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Who can share data with MDS?

MDS is open to UK museums and museum-like collections. This includes Accredited museums, public art collections, and other public collections documented according to museum practice.

How data sharing works

We’ve made sharing data with MDS as easy and safe as possible. No special preparation needed: your records are fine as they are. You can let us have all the fields or just some.  You keep full control over who can see what, and how your data can be used. We can import from a simple spreadsheet, an advanced API, or anything in between.

Benefits of sharing data

MDS provides a free and easy way to share collection data with anyone you like, from just a few people to the wider world. We can make your data more findable and usable by researchers, even if it’s already on your own website. We can pass relevant records on to other platforms such as Art UK. And we can be your backup of last resort.

Data sharing FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to many of the questions you might have about sharing data with MDS. This section will grow over time, so if the information you need is not there yet, just ask.

Express interest in sharing data

If you’re from a UK museum or museum-like collection, and are interested in sharing data with MDS, we’d love to hear from you.

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